Thursday, February 26, 2015

{In the School Room}

Actually, it's been everywhere but the school room lately.  Our school room has no heating vent and a wall of windows.  Not a good combo when the temps are below 30.  The doors have been closed and we've set up shop in the dining room.  And the living room and occasionally a bedroom.

It's always good to shake it up a bit in February.  As much for Mom as anyone.  I love the snow, but not the cold.  The pile of shoes and towels at the back door,  and the gray skies and on and off again kitchen plumbing can wear a person down.  The girls are restless, tired of reading a particular book maybe or just plain tired. 

Sometimes a turn in the curriculum that is being used comes at just the right moment.  We're leaving Europe and heading to South America!

Several years ago we found these travel videos at the library.  I will say up front, not all of these episodes are what we consider appropriate for family viewing!  Please preview for your family.  Especially some of the European shows!  Anyway, we love {most of} them.  They are so interesting and fun.  Megan and Ian are our favorite travelers.  Sometimes, we decide there is no way we would want to go to a place, but most often we see just how beautiful and interesting a place is.  We especially love the Asian episodes.  The food!  Oh you can't believe what some people will eat, and the South American ones are a little bizarre too.  Guinea pig anyone?

It's been great to "visit" the oceans, climb the Andes Mountains and explore Machu Pichu while cozied up on the couch and then fill out the maps and read a few folktales from the areas or about Simon Bolivar.  Next week we plan to try some recipes.  Not for the guinea pig though!

Another sure way to beat the February blues is to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art!  When the going gets tough, this is where I want to go (besides the beach!).  It's peaceful, it's beautiful, it's free (for now) and if you let your children lead it can be very fun, interesting and relaxing.  I do not make them read every little plaque or require that they write a paper about an artist when we get home!  That really would defeat the whole purpose.  We usually buy a postcard or two and those either get taped to a wall or sent to someone.

One of Callie's favorites is a painting of Indianapolis before cars and traffic lights

They both enjoyed this interactive "sculpture".  Scattered through out the museum were these spots where you could get on the platform and do whatever with the household items that were setting there.  It's amazing what can be called art sometimes and what people get paid for it!

This is one of my favorite parts because it always comes as a surprise when you go around a corner.  I always get a little lost in the new section of the museum and never know that I'm getting ready to walk into the old part.  It's sort of dark, and maybe even dreary on a cloudy day, but it's still beautiful.

We have some fun things to look forward to in March and the next thing we know it will spring and sunny!  It won't be long!


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