Monday, June 1, 2015

{In the Library Bag}

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet--I don't read very many of this type of book.  I'm not sure what that says about me, but often I just can't get into them.  Lately it's been different.  I think mostly it was just God's timing.  This one followed on the heels of one borrowed from my pastor {I can't remember the name now!} that was very good and helpful.  This book is about how God takes the bitter things in our lives and even though he may not take away the bitter, he changes us in such a way that we see the sweetness in the same.  I want to read it again, but slower and look up all of the scriptures.

Understood Betsy--This book was for Kate.  It was on her reading list for school.  I had never heard of it, but right away we both really liked it.  Elizabeth Ann is being taken care of by two aunts who think they are taking good care of her by making sure she is never uncomfortable, never sad or scared, etc.  Until one of them becomes suddenly ill and she has to go live with the country cousins who "make children work!"  We loved it so much that when it had to be returned to the library before we could finish it, I kept it anyway.  Then, because for some reason we still couldn't finish it and the fines were racking up, we ordered it!  I have never done that before.  Kate had already been wishing aloud that we had it "to keep" and I liked it so much too, that I just bought it.  She was so excited and asked to keep it in her room.  When she's more confident reading on her own, I'm sure she'll read it to herself.

The Good Earth--Very interesting!  More to come later on this one.

Of course there are stacks of picture books that Kate picks out and Callie has quite a stack of her own books going too.  I can't keep up with her!


  1. We borrowed "Doctor DeSoto" so many times from the library that I finally bought it. Also, after checking them out from the library, I want to own "Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis," "All Creatures Great and Small" and "Longborn". I would read all of those again. And again. And again ...

    1. I've seen "All Creature Great and Small" at used book stores and Goodwill several times. I'd love to find "Longbourn" too! Maybe Christmas? I'm not familiar with "Dr
      Desoto", I'll have to check that one out.