Monday, June 29, 2015

When Life Hand You "Lemons"

I realize that out in California and other places that too much rain would be an oxymoron.  Our overabundance has caused me to pray for those states, so I guess that's good.  Admittedly, that wouldn't usually be foremost in my thoughts.

So our "lemonade" was an evening with friends.  Of course the older girls were watching movies while the little girls were having a good old time outside!  I wish I would've gotten a picture of the six older girls all in the living room watching "Once Upon A Time".  They were so cute I even shared my bag of chocolate covered almonds with them.  And they put up with my commentary of the show.

If you only look one direction and don't think about the state of your poor, pitiful, waterlogged plants, you can pretend for a few moments that you are in England waiting for Mr. Darcy to ride up at any moment. :)

This little guy is actually loose.  Somewhere in my house!!  Don't even ask me how that happened!  I'm sure he's already dead of a heart attack.


  1. "And they put up with my commentary of the show."

    I got glowing reports about your color commentary. :-D

    I'm noticing Kate's puckered hands in the flog close-up. :-D Glad they got had so much fun together! Back here, the boys were doing the same - up past their ankles in water, pushing around trucks.

    1. Ha ha! We had a great time having them here! There was more rain dancing today at the park. Both girls came home soaking wet!