Friday, November 13, 2015

Maybe We'll All Start Asking for Chicago Trips for our Birthday

There have been a few times where all Callie wanted for her birthday was to go to Chicago.  Back then it was because of the American Girl doll store.  The doll days are over for her, but certainly not the Chicago part.  This time she had concert plans and clothes shopping in mind.  Thanks to her loving and generous relatives we were able to make it all happen.

Actually, our first destination was Shaumburg, IL.  There is a mall there with several of the stores that Callie wanted to go to.  When we were first planning I pointed out to her that we had all of those stores close by in Indy.  But then.  It dawned on me.  Exactly where was Ikea?  A quick Google search and I was right on board with Callie!  I had only been to one Ikea and it was several years ago so I was totally excited to go again.

Just this week they announced that there will be one within an hour of our house in 2017!! 

 How cool is that?!  An escalator for your cart.  Clearly I have been missing out!
 This was our first time staying over night in the Windy City.  Callie and Cameron had tickets to go see Owl City in concert, so Kate and I did a little exploring close to our hotel.  This park was right across the street.  Skaters, bikers, runners and several dog walkers.  Lots to see and the weather was perfect.

Kate and I found these sculptures very interesting.  We finally found a sign that said who had made them, the name and where they came from, but not a word about what it was suppose to represent.  Bodies with no heads and no explanation.  Very strange.

a food truck for all of the dog walkers


Callie and Cameron had a great time at the concert and Kate and I topped off our evening painting our fingernails and watching two old Downton Abby episodes.  Her choice, really :)

 The next morning was cool and sunny and absolutely beautiful!  It was the perfect blend of chilly but sunny which was good since we walked a million blocks!  We've been to Chicago before, but we've never had as much time to explore.  It was so much fun! 

This was the first cheesecake Factory that Cameron I went to many years ago.  I had never heard of it.  We went with some friends who also were the friends who introduced us to Thai and Indian and Vietnamese food.  We owe them a debt of gratitude!  {Thanks Duong and Jen!}

 Isn't that window display stunning?!  I didn't notice what store it was.  I was being rushed.  One of these days we are going to take a grown up trip to Chicago and I'm going to linger as long as I want to in certain spots.   

Of course no trip to Chicago is complete without pictures at "the bean".  It's official name is Cloud Gate, but everyone calls it the bean.  It's totally cool.

Our driver, aka Cameron, has a love/hate relationship with Chicago.  He likes it on one level, but he hates driving there.  I mean really hates it.  So it was a nice little stress reliever to stop by the lake shore on our way out of town.  It was pretty cold by this time, but it was very pretty.  We had a quick picnic and Callie took some pictures and then we got in the warm, cozy car and drove home.

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