Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Planning Frenzy

It's almost here!  The first day of school.  The first day of school is a pretty big deal around here.  Just because we homeschool doesn't mean there isn't lots to be done and lots to look forward to.  The thing that Callie looks forward to the most is her big stack of books.  I plan in my head and collect things all year round, but whatever will be used for the next grade is usually kept a secret.  So the first day is almost like Christmas!  We utilize the library quite a bit, but there are certain books that we purchase.  Ones that I know Callie will love and want to read again, and also the few workbooks that we use. 

The other exciting thing about the First Day of School is our traditional field trip with the Crump family.  Callie and Jordan were born on the same day, at the same hospital.  Don't remind Mrs. Crump, but I gave birth first, after a MUCH shorter labor.  What makes this a little more interesting is that we had also attended the same birthing classes.  We have all remained great friends and love to do field trips together.

The first year that we did this was because all of the neighborhood children, who were older than Callie, were going back to school and Callie was quite upset about it.  The children I babysat for at the time were going to school too and she was left with no one to play with and not so sure about why she couldn't go to school.  The last thing we wanted was to start our homeschooling with Callie thinking she was getting the short end of the stick!  I wanted to show her that it would be quite the opposite.  Homeschooling would give us the freedom to do all kinds of things and learn about anything that we wanted to.  So the First Day field trip tradition began.

Callie will be in 5th grade and I will be doing pre-school with Kate.  I would say, "wish us luck", but actually, you could say a little prayer for us! ;)

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  1. I will definitely pray for you - it'll be great!