Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I remember Callie's first ballet class.  The class was offered through a home school group that met at the church we attended.  Callie was three or four, I'm not sure.  She was very excited and looked so cute in her leotard and pink leather shoes.  I was completely annoyed that parents were not allowed inside the room to watch.  I understood (sort of) the reason, but I didn't like it.  However, the door had a teeny tiny window and I could at least sneak a peek.

Now, Callie is almost eleven and she has ballet twice a week and pointe one night a week at the local ballet school.  This year,  Kate has ballet one night a week.  Thankfully, we are able to get these classes organized into just two nights. :)  I'm a bit of a homebody and more than that would stress me out!! 

So this year we went to the dance store one week to buy these little bitty pair of ballet shoes and then a few weeks later to buy a not so little pair of pointe shoes.  For Kate's trip, I forgot the camera.  I could have kicked myself!!  I did have my phone though so we have at least something, although very blurry and I can't figure out how to get them on here.  I remembered the camera when we went for the pointe shoes, but it was pretty crowded and getting a good picture was a little tricky.

After I sit back and stop thinking about all that I need to be doing at home, I love to watch them (the ballet school has no silly rules about parents watching).  I read this week that a clean house is a sign of a wasted life.  I know of at least two people right now who are gasping!   But I rather think there is some truth to that statement.  When my little dancers are grown and gone, I'll have plenty of time for cleaning.


  1. Yes, I like your thinking on cleaning!! Beautiful photos of your gorgeous dancers.

  2. Gasp!! What?!! I'm not sure I heard you right about the house thing...

    Love the pictures, Sharron! Now I'm wishing I would have thought to take pictures Saturday, too.