Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not In Order of Importance!

This ongoing list of blessings is in NO particular order.  They are just whatever pops into my head at the time.  So here is what I'm thinking of tonight...

9.  My sisters--I am the oldest of three girls.  There are almost 7 years between myself and the next sister and then the youngest one was born 18 mos. later.  You might think that we wouldn't be that close considering the age gap, but it's actually the opposite.  When we were young, I loved to pretend to be the 'mom' and they were my children.  That also included bossing them around and them bribing them with candy to not tell on me. LOL   But it also included buying them things when I was older.  I wasn't all bossy and bad!  My sisters have seen me at my worst and know all my deep, dark secrets and they still love me!  And I love them very much!!

10.  Camping--OK, some of you can stop laughing now.  It's true.  The teenager/young adult who never had nails that were not painted and never went out the door with out a full face of make up and fixed hair, has grown up and loves to camp with her family.  And no, I don't take my curling iron!  It's a lot of work and maybe not the best night's rest ever, but it's a lot of fun spending time outdoors hiking and making pudgy pies. 

11.  Early bed times--Yes, it's 9:25 and the girls have been in bed for an hour!  This almost never happens.  See number 10.

12.  My parents--I don't know what to write without getting all mushy.  I have wonderful, loving, godly parents and it's a wonder they didn't lock me away and throw away the key when I was younger.  Now that I have a daughter who is just like I was, I really wonder! :)  They never did though, and I am grateful.  They have always loved me and prayed for me for which I am most grateful!

13.  New, warm sleeping bags.  See number 10 and number 12.  Thanks again Daddy, for Cameron's birthday present.

14.  A nice, warm, comfy bed.

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  1. Love them all, Sharron! :) (your thankfulness list)

    The pictures are very fun - that's really good of Cameron. Even though he isn't looking at the camera. And Callie looks very serene and sweet.
    Glad you had fun on your trip - we missed you!