Friday, October 29, 2010

{Lots of Moments}

 We've had a full week full of friends, ballet and ended it with a favorite field trip destination.  Conner Prairie.  The first time we took Callie to Conner Prairie she was around five years old.  We were there for hours and hours and when it was time to leave she was bawling.  I'll never forget, she said, "I don't want to pretend to be a pioneer girl, I want to be one for real".  While there was certainly no bawling today, she still didn't want to leave.  Even though she likes to play on the computer and watch movies, I think she may have been born in the wrong era.  Today she said she wished that regular clothes were not allowed to be worn by visitors so it would feel more authentic. LOL

We even got to go up in a hot air balloon today.  I think technically they said it was helium and it was tethered to the ground, but Callie and Kate and our friend Katie were very excited to be 350 feet up in the air.

this picture was taken by Kate


  1. What a neat place! And cool about the hot air balloon!

  2. great pictures, Sharron! And I am very thankful that part of your week full of friends included us! :)