Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Was Wrong

No one likes being wrong much less admitting it.  However, this time I don't mind too much.

I really like sweet potato pie.  I made it for Cameron several years ago I think and I did not like it that time, but this time?  Yummy!!!  Cameron has requested another one for his birthday in January.  The recipe is from a wonderful cookbook that I got when we got married.  It is called A Grand Heritage.  It is a book of recipes from alumni of the college in Cameron's home town.  I don't cook out of it for our everyday meals, but everything I have ever made out of there has been absolutely delicious!  There is a roll recipe that tastes exactly like my Grandmother's when I was a little girl.  Oh the memories!  I'll move on before the tears start flowing. :)

Calllie rolling out pie crust

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.  I'm so thankful for a family who, even though we have our differences, always gets along when we are together.  The kids have so much fun and the adults do too.

If left to my own devices I would have enjoyed a day of lounging and eating leftovers on Friday.  But....when in Rome.....we go shopping.  I refuse to be crazy about it and I only bought a few things, but it was fun and I did get a couple of presents purchased and some craft supplies.

So for my ongoing list of thanks...

82.  My family

83.  God's provision of delicious food

84.  Safe travels.  The last time we traveled to my parents for Thanksgiving, it took us as long to get there as it would to get to Mississippi (literally) due to an ice storm.  This year there was a little rain, but no ice.

85.  Surprises in the mail

86.  Having two beautiful girls to celebrate the season with

87.  A husband who likes to shop

88.  A husband who is willing to watch nieces and nephews for a  while

89.  I love that the girls like to dress the part for Thanksgiving.  Callie had on an old fashioned dress with bonnet and apron and Kate had on Callie's old Indian dress from Cherokee, NC.  I forgot to get a good picture of them all dressed up though.

some of the grand kids decorating cookies

Back to normal tomorrow.  Well, not really.  We will have a modified school schedule for the next few weeks.  We'll focus on Christmas traditions around the world and sewing and crafting.  And math.  :(

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  1. who knows, maybe someday you'll find out that you're wrong about math, too. ;)

    love the pictures - but why didn't we get a cookie????