Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baking Marathon

Cameron sweetly agreed to take the girls to ballet so that I can be productive here at home.  Right now I have two cakes and muffins in the oven.  Then I'll be cooking sweet potatoes for sweet potato pie (it's a southern thing).  Then tomorrow all that will be left to do is make the icing for the cakes and baking the pie before we go to my parents.

The cake I'm making is from an old Country Living magazine.  It's chocolate cake with pumpkin added to the batter.  I'm a little nervous about the icing.  It's a whipped buttercream with honey and I've never done that before.  If it's a disaster, I can always run to Kroger and get a can of frosting!  The muffins are gluten free pumpkin muffins from Cooking for Isaiah.  They will be topped with icing so that Kate can have dessert too without cheating.  I also added chocolate chips to the recipe.  I'm successfully raising a fellow chocoholic!  I  just picked up this cookbook at the library today, so we'll see how they are.  The sweet potato pie is for Cameron.  I don't really care for it and I'm not a big fan of cake so I should be able to behave myself.  I'll focus on the dressing.  That's my favorite party of Thanksgiving dinner.  My mom always waits until we get there so I can taste it before she puts it in the oven.  It may sound gross, but I love to eat it before it's baked.  Kind of like eating cookie dough or licking the beaters when baking cake.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Sounds yummy!! Especially the cake, yum :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Enjoy the dressing! But I'm cringing a little at the thought of eating it raw, Sharron..

    I don't know about you..

    Happy Thanksgiving!