Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2

Most people think of politics and elections when they hear the date.  For us, November 2 has much more signifigance than who is going to end up in Washington!

Four years ago today, we were living in our newly purchased farmhouse just a few weeks.   One of my sisters and her family were going to be here visiting that weekend.  Cameron and my brother-in-law were going to put up gutters I think.  Then, we got THE CALL.  There was a baby on the other side of the world who needed a family.  God chose us!  Her name was Jiang Chung Huai and she was about 10 months old.  "Pictures will be coming tomorrow " the agency said.  That was a very long 24 hours! :)  Then, the Fed-ex guy didn't even knock on the door.  The only reason I knew the package had been delivered was because I looked out the window and saw him driving very slowly which I assumed meant he had just pulled out of the drive way.  He had no idea what he was delivering!!  I remember wishing it had been our old Fed-ex guy from our old neighborhood.  Because of Cameron's job, we get Fed-ex deliveries quite often and we actually considered him our friend.

So Cameron and Bryan hung gutters while Alyson and I went through baby clothes.  We got rid of everything too small and started washing things we guessed would fit according to the info. we had been given.  Then it was time to start packing for China!!

Kate 2010  pretending to be a hula girl

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