Friday, January 28, 2011

What a Week!

Although this week wasn't horrible, I am glad for it to be over.  I don't like roller coasters, at all, and that would be a good way to describe this week.

On Monday, the girls and I had appointments to get our teeth cleaned.  Yee ha.  I do not like going to the dentist at all, but everything went well.  I'm always amazed that Kate thinks it fun.  The worst part is driving there and back we have to pass a Dairy Queen!  There isn't even an alternate route. LOL

Monday night, Lilly was making lots of noise and kept waking me up.  I kept snapping my fingers at her and telling her to HUSH!!  She would for a while, but then she'd start whining again.  I might have even used the words "shut up."  Then sometime in the night I heard this different kind of whining.  I still thought it was Lilly although at one point I thought it could have been a mouse.  I was half asleep!

In the morning, imagine my shock when there was this little white thing in Lilly's bed!  At first I thought of that squeaky mouse and then I realized that it wasn't a mouse, it was a puppy!!  Our dog had been pregnant and no one knew!

Lilly was acting funny through out the morning and I couldn't tell if this tiny puppy was nursing or not, so we took them to the vet.  He told us that the puppy was too small and she may not make it, but Lilly was fine.  He was right.  The puppy died during the night. 

The girls handled it very well.  There were no tears.  It's not like they had time to get attached and they knew what the vet had said.  Now I'm not a big animal lover, I'm not an animal hater either, but I'd never be one to call one of my pets "baby" or those types of things.  But I a funk, as Cameron would say.  It took me most of the day to stop seeing that puppy in my head.

Thursday we had a field trip at our local county courthouse.  Meeting and listening to one of the judges was pretty interesting, but the rest of the tour, quite honestly, was boring.  I think it's the first field trip we have ever been on that I just wished we would have stayed home.  The time was redeemed with a little lunch at a new cafe across the street. :)  Food always helps.  Especially red velvet cake truffles!

Today Callie had her first official eye exam.  Her appointment was at 2:30 PM and we left there around 4:40 PM.  The place was packed!  I guess a couple of assistants didn't come that day and so they were short handed.   Since I've never had an eye exam at an optometrist's, I really wasn't sure what to expect and didn't really prepare Callie.  So when she was told to "read the smallest letters you can see" she didn't realize that  she should just start at the beginning of the row and read.  She was searching the poster for the smallest letter, and the assistant I and thought she was blind for a minute.  I realized that she didn't understand and explained to just read the letters like she normally would, from left to right.  That was a little better, but she is still getting glasses.  She's got her Daddy's eyes.  Too bad she didn't get his patience and mostly tamed tongue. :)  She had to go and get those things, I mean the lack of, from me.  Kate was amazingly patient during that 2 hour wait and we finally got to go home.   Then we went out to get some supper and return some library books.  After we had been gone about 20 minutes, Kate realized she didn't have her blanket nor a stuffed animal.  She cried and whined for 15 minutes.  Very loudly.  No amount of sympathy, petting, firm talking or finally, threatening, helped.  There were some other ideas in my head too, but we were not at home and I imagine that wouldn't have helped either. :)  Chic-fil-A to the rescue.  Thank God!

So not a horrible week.  We are quite blessed and have a lot to be thankful for.  I am, however, ready for a new one.

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  1. Wow, that was a week! So sorry about the puppy, very sad :(
    Let the new week be full of joy and blessings!!
    We had a bit of a roller coaster week too, not sure if I'll blog about it.. Maybe I'll just email you :)