Monday, February 28, 2011

Lots To Be Thankful For

This past weekend we went to Southern Indiana to visit friends.  It's an amazing friendship really.  I went to high school with Lee and to church with Deanna.  She attended a different school.  At one point, she was dating my boyfriend's friend, we all broke up at different points and she ended up dating and marrying Lee. Lee was another friend of that other boyfriend.  Aren't high school romances goofy?!  We both went to different colleges, I met Cameron at mine, and lived in different states for several years, but through all these years we have remained close friends.  It's funny now that in some ways we don't have a lot in common.  One of us is a little bit of a picky eater,  the other is not.  One of us hates to shop, the other does not. :)  One loves the snow and the other wishes she lived somewhere tropical.  But we have a history together and some things in common much more important than the way we spend our leisure time or our preferred weather patterns.  We both love the Lord and want to raise our children to love him too.  Even though our methods are sometimes different, we have the same ultimate goal in mind. 

It was 1990 (I think) when we all went to Carriage Inn for pizza and here we are, twenty years later, getting together with our children and having a great time together.

So I am very thankful right now for, 162.  Long, wonderful friendships.

163.  New friendships in recent years that are also wonderful.

164.  God's protection on the roads.

165.  Food, fun and fellowship.

166.  Rain (I'm just being obedient here.  I'm not really all that thankful for it, but I know I should be)

167.  God's protection during storms.  I really do not like thunderstorms!! I wish I could enjoy them.  I used to when I was kid, until the summer of 1990.  That year, Southern Indiana was hit pretty hard with several tornadoes.  Although one didn't touch down on our home we were very close to one and a huge tree fell on our car while we were driving!!  That's another amazing story!!  Anyway, now that we live in the middle of cornfields, storms make me very nervous.  I know I need to trust God more in this area, but it's not easy.  Now I also know that a lot of rain makes for a very unhappy septic system.  When the septic ain't happy, no body's happy.

168.  Two wonderful, cheerful helpers who think putting groceries away is fun.

169.  A husband who works hard to provide those groceries

170.  A God who gives creativity to stretch them into meals that nourish us.

171.  Little girls folding laundry while watching Wonder Woman!  My childhood hero! LOL

178.  The last snow man of the season.

179.  Spell check!


  1. Sharron,
    Your description of your long lasting friendship reminds me of the long friendship between your mother and me. Alyson was about 8 or 9 months old the first time I met your mother. She was pregnant with Valerie and Dr. Betty had ordered bedrest. Your Dad must have announced it a church because I remember as we were filing out of church asking him if there was anything I could do to help. The next thing I remember is visiting with your Mom in the dining room of the Dugger parsonage. She was lying on a couch. I asked her if there was anything, and I meant ANYTHING, that I could do for her. She asked me if I would mind to give Alyson a bath because she was afraid your Dad would drop her. I remember feeling nervous and unsure of myself as I bathed Alyson and I don't know why. I guess I was afraid I'd drop her too. Our friendship has lasted all these years even with great distances between us and I believe it always will.

  2. I'm glad you had a great time in Evansville, even though we really missed you back here at home!

    Your posts always make me smile - especially the septic thing, and the spell check! LOL

    Also - love the napkin Callie is folding :)