Saturday, February 26, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Kate

When Callie was little, it seemed like everything that came out of her mouth either got her into big trouble or was hysterically funny.  There wasn't too much middle ground. 

Kate isn't quite so comical, but everyone once in a while she'll come up with some good ones.  Here are a few.

"I love Lilly (the dog).  She's so CUTE" {cute is said in almost a high pitch squeal}  Later that night, Cameron is gone to a meeting and she says, "I love Baba.  He's so CUTE" {same high pitch}.  So I guess Cameron is as cute as the dog?

On our way to run errands she was talking about all the foods that she likes.  Let me assure you, it is a short list!  She asked me about things that I like and then she started talking about what she liked at McDonald's.  "Nuggets, and fries, and hamburgers-not buns, and chocolate milk-not toys..."  I laughed when she said the part about toys.  She said "Well we have a lots of toys at home".  Think she's heard that before?

"Mommy I love you.  I love you so bad!"

In the car for a 4 hour road trip..."I don't want to be in here anymore, I need fresh air."  {add whiny voice}

Now I will admit, you probably had to be there, and these aren't near as funny as when Callie thought our pastor was in the shower with Cameron.  Cameron was listening to him on the radio while in the shower! Or when she sincerely wanted to know if Poppy fought for the North or the South in the Civil War.
But they are still funny and I wanted to get them down somewhere for "safekeeping".

I'll try to come up with something more exciting soon! :)


  1. Those are hilarious, Sharron! My favorite is that she loves you "so bad". :)

    (I'm cracking up thinking that Callie thought the pastor was in the shower with Cameron! That is sincerely hysterical!!)