Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Garden

In the beginning of Spring I am always so excited about our garden.  I have grand goals and visions of a beautiful vegetable garden lined with flowers around the borders, like something out of my old Martha   Stewart magazines.

Last year, just before leaving for a week long vacation, we planted all kinds of seeds.  We were so excited.  We had arranged for someone to come and feed the cat and I had asked if they would kindly water the garden too.  Well, they didn't need to water the garden!  There were storms and rain all that week and we came home to our garden being under water.  A dedicated gardener, like Martha Stewart, would have gotten right out there and replanted.  Me?  My excitement and motivation was GONE!  The weather was now hot and I had inside projects that didn't require lots of sweat.  We did plant a few plants and we got a handful of three or four different veggies, but that was about it.

This year, I am determined to have a different outcome!  Yesterday we were able to get one small bed planted with radishes, lettuce and snap peas.  Cameron had the great idea to make a new bed close to the house for herbs, so he got that ready, but I haven't planted anything there yet.  Hopefully I can do that today.  One thing is for sure, Kate will be glad to help me and Callie would rather read a book or take pictures until the harvest.  When it's time for picking and eating, Callie will be glad to help.  :)


  1. LOL about Callie!!! And what a cute pic of Kate!
    We are thinking about having a garden, but the traveling schedule might make it just a thought again :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labors. The herb garden near the house is a great idea - way to go, Cameron!