Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Current Curriculum

On Tuesday, the girls were both diagnosed with chicken pox.

Here is what our schooling has looked like for the last couple of days.

*Diagnosed with chicken pox--science

*Math games with Callie while Kate is in an "oakmol" bath--math, health and considering this is the only time Kate is happy--family relations

*Watched Secretariat--history

*Hiding Kate's medicine in her vitamin C drink--health, family relations, parenting 101

*Kate's watching a lot of PBS--kindergarten

Callie has a pretty mild case, so she is getting some official school work done, just not as much as normal.  Kate has it worse and is pretty miserable.  When your little, if you are miserable, so is everyone else. :)  Unless you're in the tub with a sock full of oatmeal, lavender, and jojoba oil.

this was her expression most of Thursday

Here is our poetry lesson today.  Written by one of our good friends.  We believe in sharing everything!

Ode to the Pox
There once was a virus called pox
Which came to the family of Cox
Two sweet little girls,
One with lots of blond curls,
Became swiftly inflamed with red dots.
Their mother, who took most things in stride,
Didn’t run, didn’t scream, didn’t hide
But calmly and cheerfully tended to itches
While she lotioned an arm or a side.
Across town, in a similar home
Lived a friend with whom often she roamed
Whose 5 little girls had been over of late
And shared apples right off the same plate.
Now it’s hard to say why,
And I wouldn’t imply,
But the pox also came to their house
The first victim it stained with a bumpy red rash.

Was the 5 little girls’ biggest brother
He didn’t complain
or scratch it in vain
To the great relief of his mother.
But our tale isn’t finished
For this pox is not diminished
There are several still within reach
But what can we do?
Just wait and see who
Will begin to develop the itch.
But thanks be to God
It won’t last for long
The red bumps and their itching will fade
And the memories of pink lotion
And family devotion
And friends who share laughter – and pain
Will be a reminder for all of us later
That through it all, God kept us sane!
And one last little gem which the Bible assures
In every trial,
There is great gain.


  1. What a very educational week you are having! My favorite is the family relations with Kate. :)
    Hope they are feeling better soon - and that you get some sleep!

  2. I hope the girls feel better soon!

  3. What a sweet poem! I hope everyone is better now!