Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Thousand Gifts with Kate

I invited Kate to join me tonight for One Thousand Gifts.  Here is her list.  Notice who got top billing.

191.  Lilly (dog)

192.  Money

193.  Everything is safe

194.  I love everything and Jesus

195.  We got some money (I have no idea where all this money is!)

196.  For Callie getting my puppy Huggapug (her stuffed puppy that Callie picked out for her before going to get her in China)

197.  China

198.  Our house

199.  I'm glad Kate got from China and we got her.  I love Kate.

200.  A crate for Lilly

201.  A computer

202.  Edmond  (a baby belonging to some good friends of ours)

203.  I love Jesus a lot.  And God.

204.  I'm thankful for what we got and I true love Lilly a lot.

205.  My picture from China

206.  Polly pockets from "Katie" (Callie's friend)

207.  I am thankful for several hours at the library ALONE on Saturday and the awesome husband who made that possible. 

208.  Friends with great kids who we enjoy watching and who are willing to watch ours.

209.  An immersion blender that turns black bean soup into "Mexican soup" that Kate will eat because she doesn't know there are beans in there!  HA!!  I won!  This time.

210.  His Mercies.  Thankful that they are indeed new every morning.

211.  The gift of adoption. 

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