Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratitude, Even if I Don't Want To

Some weeks counting blessings comes easier than others.  Like the weeks when there is very little arguing and whining.  Or the weeks when we go on a field trip or there's some extra money for something fun.  And then there are the other weeks.  When it seems like all that is happening is arguing and correcting and paying bills and car repairs, nothing awful, just the not so fun parts of life but a little more intense than at other times. 

This is when the tracking of and thanking God for his gifts is the most necessary.  It's probably when it is also the most beneficial.  Other than the obvious good health, job, home, etc.  I really had to think today.  Shame on me!  God is so good and so merciful, but I am quite human and can easily be discouraged.

So here goes....

256.  Finding a Chocolate Chip Cappuccino muffin in the freezer that I didn't know was there.  And eating it without getting caught!

257.  Finding some things that Callie has been wanting and will be perfect for her Easter basket.  I found them at the antique mall for next to nothing!  I love antique mall shopping.  It's not just antiques.  These items were brand new and I know she will be very excited.

258.  A pastor that doesn't pull any punches.  I'll admit that sometimes he's made me mad doing that, but I'd rather have that than a bunch of fluff coming from the pulpit!

259.  A sermon that made me really think about verses I've read a thousand times.  The only problem with growing up in church and being a Christian most of my life is that I sometimes forget just how amazing God and his plan of redemption is.

260.  Callie's love of and skill at taking pictures.  I think she took all of these in Mississippi, except the one above which I took.

261.  Spring....sort of.  I'm probably the only person I know that is totally stressed out by spring.  Seriously!  Do I work on the girls Easter dresses or do I work on the garden?  Do we do school as usual or do we take advantage of the sunshine that has been missing for months and make up the school later?  Do I clean out the flower beds or fold the laundry?  Do I cook supper or sew on the dresses?  Do you get the idea?  But, I am thankful for the warmer temps and flowers!!

262.  An invitation to girls night out and my dear friend's wonderful timing!

263.  My wonderful husband who truly wants me to go and have fun.  And even washed the dishes!!

264.  My {mostly} sweet girls who were asleep when I got home.

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  1. Sharron,
    A great gratitude post - and I have one more.

    I'm thankful for you.