Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gratitude, Southern Style

235.  Burger King at 11:00 PM in Alabama

236.  Back seat occupants asleep with full tummies

237.  Welcoming smiles at 3:00 AM in Mississippi

238.  Sleeping in

239.  Second hand shopping

240.  Mariachi bands!

241.  Safety

242.  All sleeping together in our "suite"

243.  Parents who are willing to dog sit

244.  Old movies with Granny and Poppy

245.  Home made brownies

246.  Azaleas-- We have to see if these will grow up north!

247.  Touring Antebellum homes

248.  Carriage rides

249.  More shopping :)

250.  Air conditioning

251.  Side walk chalk

252.  My husband!

253.  Free hotel nights.  The only good thing about Cameron's month long business trip last August is the points he gets with the hotel chain!

254.  We had a wonderful trip and were spoiled rotten by Cameron's parents!  We've been home three days now and I think I'm back to reality.

Oh and I have found  255. Grocery Shopping Paradise!  Out of sheer necessity I went grocery shopping this morning before Cameron left for work.  The fridge and cabinets were full of ingredients to make...nothing, just lots of ingredients.  Let me tell you about Kroger at 8:00 AM.   There were no lines, no crowds, no whining, no was Grocery Shopping Paradise.

I tried to get this done on Monday, but it just didn't happen.  Better late than never!

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a great vacation! We'll hopefully see you at Chef Primo. :-)