Monday, March 28, 2011


220.  Little girls playing and giggling again

221.  Viruses that run their course

222.  Taking more stuff to Goodwill.  Less to take care of!

223.  Organizing

224.  Friends to share the Pox with.

225.  I have a love/hate relationship with the TV, but when the girls are sick, I sure am thankful for it.  It's all the withdraw afterwards that I hate.

226.  Listening to Barbie church through the baby monitor that is upstairs.  Ken can preach a mean sermon!

227.  Callie making lunch, with no help!

228.  Sewing day.  I'm hoping for several this week.  I'm only assigning independent school work and we are having super simple meals, so I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished.

229.  Planning for a little vacation

230.  The girls getting the chicken pox at the same time.  If they had gotten it separately, that would have been a long quarantine and a lot of missed ballet.  Praying for a couple of friends who have way more children than me.  They could be quarantined a looong time if the virus goes through their family one by one.

231.  The most beautiful daffodils I've ever had in my own yard,

232.  And the sweet daughter who takes the pictures.

233.  The fact that we gave Callie a camera for her birthday.  Ours got dropped at the skating rink and now won't work.  Hopefully it will be fixable, but at least we can borrow Callie's in the meantime.

234.  Her list.  Completely her idea.


  1. I sent our Missy your link! She loves playing with her AG dolls, and is so sad a lot of her friends (&cousins) think they are too old to play now. We need to get our girls together!!!

    Glad your girls are feeling better!

  2. Maria, I wish we could get them together! Callie loves dolls. There is no end in sight, especially with a little sister to join in.

  3. Love both the lists! We enjoyed the pics of the girls dressing up. :)