Sunday, May 29, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Kate III

**"Why is Greencastle (Indiana) called Greencastle when even it's not green and there's no castle?"

Kate asked me this in the morning and then asked Cameron at supper.  You should have heard the story he told.  Basically, they had so much cheese they carved it into the shape of a castle, but eventually it got moldy and green and so they called it Greencastle.  LOL  I think he missed his calling.

**Anytime one would normally say "because" she says "that's why".   She'll say, "I want you to go with me that's why I love you".  It's so cute.  I think the other day I heard her say because and I didn't like it. :)

I remember the last funny things that Callie said was "rice kribbies" instead of "rice krispies" and
"yogrit" instead of "yogurt".  I think she was about Kate's age when she started saying those words right.

**"Why do we have blood? It's yucky"

**The other cute thing is instead of saying "pretend", she says "I'm looking like".  For instance today she was "looking like I'm a dog named Emma and I'm shy".

I've been having a terrible time with the computers lately.  I don't know if it's Blogger or my computer.  Callie can only get on her blog on the main computer and I can only get on this blog on the laptop.  The pictures are usually downloaded to the main computer, so I can't get to any of them from the laptop.  Hopefully, I can get it figured out soon because no matter which computer we put the pictures on, someone is not going to be able to put them on their blog.

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