Thursday, June 2, 2011

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days.  Not one where you wish you had never gotten out of bed in the first place, but one that was so good, you wish every day could be that way.  Even bedtime went well and no one lost their cool.  It seems like someone, big or small is always losing it at bedtime. 

Anyway, it started out with a walk with a dear friend, then home to make breakfast for everyone.  Even before we ate though, the girls and I planted some sunflower seeds and did some watering before it got hot.  I figured there was no point in going inside and cooling off just to have to go back out and get all sweaty again.  We picked a large bowl of lettuce to make a salad with for lunch.  I picked it all since it's getting so warm. 

photo by Callie

I mentioned in a previous post that I had plans to dye some yarn with the girls.  I was able to do that with each girl individually which was really great.  It's not that it is that hard, but it was something that we had never done before and we had a couple of challenges along the way.  Cameron was able to take Kate with him for a couple of hours so Callie and I did her yarn first.  Right away, I realized we were not going to be able to follow the directions.  We were suppose to put the yarn in a large Pyrex dish and microwave after coloring the yarn.  Well here is what my microwave looks like.

 Yes, it's almost vintage!  And tiny!  I've always liked it that way.  I don't cook in it, just heat up left overs.  So....we baked our yarn in the oven.  I was terrified we were going to burn it and ruin this beautiful, hand spun yarn.   We didn't though.  It turned out great.

Callie's yarn

Kate came home and we worked on hers.  She did great!  I wasn't sure how long she would last since it's not a really fast process, but she stuck around for the whole thing.  She calls the yarn her rainbow.

After cleaning all this mess up it was time to start supper.  I made baked chicken and potatoes and spinach, Indian style.  The potato dish has a name, but I can't remember what it is.  Kate actually ate about 6 bites of the potatoes and spinach!!  After that she said it was "too spicy".  I was just thrilled that she ate any of it.

Callie made cookies for dessert.  She made up her own recipe and she wouldn't let me in the kitchen.  It was suppose to be a surprise.  These were the ingredients:  flour, honey, unsweetened chocolate chunks, peanut butter.  For the frosting she melted more unsweetened chocolate and added sugar.  They weren't too bad.  The needed some leavening but with the dark chocolate icing, they were quite edible.
This evening we go to visit the sheep that our yarn came from.  I think the girls are really going to enjoy that too.

Now, before anyone thinks it all sounds too good, let me assure you....I have three loads of unfolded laundry on the love seat and at 11:15pm I still had dirty dishes in the sink.  There's more I could tell you but I won't. Ha!

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  1. the yarn looks beautiful -
    I'm glad you had a great day!

    Love you!