Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn Along

I was excited to be able to participate in Jenny's Yarn Along last week and had my post all ready except for the pictures.  Then Blogger went crazy and I couldn't get to my blog on the computer with the pictures.  I am thankful that it was Blogger's problem though, and not my computer, which has been known to have a few issues of it's own!

I have been working on two items that I am really excited about.  Both are gifts.  The light brown is a blanket in seed stitch.  I found the pattern at  I didn't get the yarn there and I can't say I'm crazy about this yarn, but it meets the criteria of being chunky and washable.

The red item is a hat with ear flaps from the book "Knitting for Baby" which I got at the library.  I'm really excited that I've been able to figure out how to do it, so far, without help.  Unless you count :)

I've mostly been just reading with Callie and Kate this week.  We are starting India in our geography studies so I have a big stack of those right now from the Library.  Even for my 5th grader, good picture books and a couple of biographies are such a better way to learn about a country than boring texts books!  The learning is so much more interesting and personal.  Kate sometimes sits with us and listens too.  They have been pretending to be Indian all week.  They are making sure the look is complete with dots on their foreheads and Kate has been going around pretending like she doesn't speak English after we watched our favorite travel videos on India.

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  1. Fun!! (the books)

    the knitting looks super - great job, Sharron!