Monday, July 11, 2011

Gratitude--Mississippi Grandparents Edition

We had a wonderful visit with Cameron's parents who drove all the way from Mississippi.  I regret that we forgot to take any pictures of them with the girls!!  I thought of it one evening, but then the next day I completely forgot!  We will certainly have to make up for it when we see them at Thanksgiving.

309.  Safe arrival

310.  Bag of goodies

311.  Georgia peaches and collard greens, hand delivered

312.  Hymns on a kazoo--very funny

313.  Bubbles that float all the way across the road and into the neighbors trees

314.  Trying out a new restaurant.  Jersey Cafe in Carmel definitely gets a thumbs up!  Just don't be in a hurry.

315.  Watching old episodes of Remington Steele and listening to Callie laugh at the hair styles.

316.  Poppy's pork BBQ

317.  Mostly good behavior from the munchkin-even without the Blanket

318.  Ice cream

319.  Kate wishing they would stay longer (and Callie too)

320.  Lilly didn't have any accidents in front of Granny! LOL

321.  Beautiful weather

322.  "Interesting" sites seen in the country--Pulling into a driveway to turn around, two big, mad dogs come racing toward us and then their owner made an appearance.  An older man in his Speedos!  We got quite a kick out of that one. 

323.  Running into a dear friend at Trader Joe's

Today is supposed to be HOT.  I foolishly agreed to swimming lessons at 1:30PM everyday for the next two weeks.  1:30?  What was I thinking?  I'm not even going to bother taking a shower before we go!  Too much information? :) 

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