Friday, July 8, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Kate IV

Kate-Mommy, I have a wedgie.
Me-Do you know what a wedgie is?
Kate-No, but I have one.  What is a wedgie?

While holding Kate she asks me, "Why do you have stripes in your hair?" 
(Maybe I should start coloring again?)

While eating at a restaurant with a diet drink advertisement on the table (she had already asked what it said), "Why does it say diet even when no one wants to die?"

These are just the ones I remember to write down.  Her questions are so funny!


  1. LOL! Reminds me of when Rachel was about Kate's age and actually *did* have a wedgie. She said "Mommy, what is my underwear doing?" :-D

  2. That is funny Colleen! I've often wished we could have a recording of all the funny things they say. It would come in handy on the days when they are being naughty!