Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Celebration

Our summer theme of "Unpredictable" continues. 

Our tradition for the last 20 years (that makes me feel really old) is to go to Linton, IN for the Fourth of July.  Linton is a small town, but has the distinction of having the largest parade in Indiana. lasts for hours.  My favorite part is the stealth bombers flying over in the beginning.  Last year they didn't have them and I was so disappointed.  Not in the budget I guess. LOL  It is also the area where my sisters, their families, and my parents live.

This year we found out that some of our family wanted to do something different and go to Gatlinburg, TN for the the holiday.  Then they couldn't.  They were invited to come here.  They weren't coming.  Unless we could find someone else who had no plans, we were going to be by ourselves for the Fourth.  Then, two of them were coming.  Then....they all were!  I think Someone must be trying to teach me something about control and spontaneity! :)

Our church is in a very small community which also has a parade and they decided to participate by having a large decorated wagon, full of people and some children riding their bikes behind the wagon.  Kate rode in the wagon, and her cousin Jasmine too, while Callie rode her bike and Cameron passed out cards with some of the other men.  Cameron said it took some convincing for Kate to stay in the wagon without him.  She wasn't prepared for that and not too happy about it at first.  Cameron had to bribe her with The Blanket, which we normally try to keep in the car or my purse when in public. 

We knew this parade would be much different that Linton's and boy was it!  I think there were only three floats, one band, a few other odds and ends and at least 50 tractors!  I've never seen so many tractors in one parade.

a sight I had never seen before

Best of all, they had a flyover! LOL  Not quite the stealth bombers, but we sure got a kick out of it.  I have to admit, I did like the shortness of it.  It was over before it got too hot.

our "flyover"

unfortunately, the only one of Callie is blurry

We had a great day of Chicago dogs (courtesy of the July issue of Martha Stewart Living), playing in the water and watching our local fireworks from the back yard.  Kate couldn't take anymore though and fell asleep on the couch before it got dark.

It was a very fun day and I'm glad we had a house full of family and went to the states smallest parade.

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  1. Fun!!! That parade picture of Kate looks like my little one... Tonight she heard I am planning a one-night getaway with the older girl, and oh the tears when she realized she couldn't be with mama :-/ We still struggle with that, a lot..