Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jammy Run!

I love the boots and night gown.  It hasn't rained in several days. :)

Here it is July and we still had not gone on our annual Jammy Run.  What is a Jammy Run?  It's when you get your kids ready for bed, maybe even put them in the bed and turn out the lights, but then suddenly yell "Jammy Run" and take them to Dairy Queen.

It's so much fun to see the surprised look on their faces.  I read the idea a couple of years ago here.

Anytime we go to DQ, Kate gets a Dilly bar.  She calls the little thing in the middle a belly button!  I almost always get a blizzard and now that they have the "mini" size, I don't have to beg Cameron to share with me or feel guilty.  Callie's eyes are always bigger than her stomach and she usually can't finish what she chooses or else ends up with a tummy ache.  Cameron almost always goes for a dipped cone. 

It's all about making memories and enjoying the good gifts that God gives us.

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