Tuesday, July 19, 2011


...is HOT!!  And humid!  Callie and I think it is not fair at all that we have to sit and watch Kate's swimming lessons.  There is some great restraint going on to keep us out of that pool!

...Callie turned in her 4H project.  At 7:30 AM!  That's a little early for this spoiled family.  She signed up for photography this year.  That girl is almost never without that camera (when your husband's name is Cameron, try typing camera w/o capitalizing and using an "o" at the end!) in her hand.  For this category, she had to turn in her poster and a judge critiqued it right there with her.  Callie handled it very well and did not seem to take any of the judges remarks personally.  Why doesn't she do that with me?  She did a really good job on her poster with very little help.

...there are only nine more days until Cameron and I will have a weekend together to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  I will have been married half of my life on July 27th. 

...I took a long nap with Kate.  I couldn't even finish reading to her because my eyes would not stay open.  It's hard work sitting on the side of that pool! :)

...Cameron had an appointment at Einstein Bros. Bagels.  He did not come home empty handed.  I'm not a huge bagel fan, but I am a huge Everything Bagel fan.  Covered with cream cheese, YUM!  Callie is just a huge food fan so everyone was happy. 

photos by Callie

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