Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen!

Early on in our marriage, Cameron found a really cool TV show on PBS that he knew I would like.  So he came and woke me up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.  This is how my "love" (obsession?) with Martha Stewart began.

I could blame Cameron and Martha on a little pride problem that may have followed for the next several years.  Thankfully, someone pointed out to me, that if you can read, you can cook.  It's just a matter of following directions.  So I wasn't so much proud of my abilities as I was proud of my ingredients and effort.

No frozen dinners or boxed mixes for my family!  Nothing but real butter and fresh eggs in my dishes!

Callie has requested apple and sweet potato pies for her birthday.  Guess what I bought today.  Pre-made, refrigerated pie crust!  And then, I bought frozen lasagna for dinner!!  Gasp!  I did not look at any of the ingredients list or I may have caved and put them back.

So yes, my family is going to have a frozen dinner tonight.  And my daughter is not going to have homemade pie crust.  You know what they will have though?  They will have a wife/mother who is not stressed out and running around here like a mad woman barking orders and getting frustrated because no one cares about how things are supposed to be done!  At least that's the plan. :)

This might be the best present Callie gets.


  1. Lol, we always bake with the ready made crust. And had that store bought lasagna last week :-D

  2. My husband's mother would spend so much time trying to make everything "perfect" on holidays and birthdays, that she would work herself into a foul mood and bring everyone else down too. To this day, he dreads special occasions, though now that we have our own life and traditions he has relaxed some. Your gift of being a calmer, more present parent for your daughter is definitely one that may have a lasting impression on her life. :)