Friday, October 7, 2011


Callie.  Where do we begin?  You were prayed for and longed for many years before you arrived.  When you were ready to come into the world, boy, were you ready!  You have been nonstop ever since!!

 Your Mother and I would use our most persuasive arguments on each other to try and be the one who held you during church.  You were the most lovable, snugly bundle of joy we had ever experienced. 

You were always so funny.  That has continued to this day!  You make us laugh so much.

 I remember how you danced in your high chair at one of our visits to a restaurant.  I smile when you do one of your funny dances in the car while the radio is playing something that makes you move.  It is a joy to see you dance ballet.

You do not know it, or you may not have, until now, but watching you grow up is both a delight and a sorrow.  A delight because I catch glimpses of the young lady you are becoming.  A sorrow because it seems to be happening so very fast!  God is so good to your Mother and me for entrusting you to us for a time.  With all the challenges that this brings, we are receiving so much joy! 

May you have a Very Special Day on this, your 12th birthday.  We Love You!  Keep Dancing!

Happy Birthday, Callie.

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