Monday, October 10, 2011

What Do You Do?

So, what do you do when your having guests to celebrate a birthday in less than 4 hours and when you go to wash your hands you discover there is no water?

364.  You thank God that the pies are made and that dinner is hot dogs roasted on the fire.

365.  You thank God that all the days dishes have already been done, except those used to make the pies.

366.  You thank God that you had already, for other reasons, kept the guest list extremely short.

367.  You thank God that most of the laundry is already washed.

368.  You thank God that the guests are family and close friends who will bring you jugs and coolers of water.

369.  You thank God that you are "first on the list for Monday" for the well people to come out.

370.  You thank God for friends who let you come and shower and then feed you a wonderful meal and for other friends who let you come and shower at 10:00pm.

371.  You realize how quickly you go through those jugs and coolers of water and thank God that you live in a country where water can be cheaply purchased and coolers can be refilled rather easily.

372.  You thank God for a twelve year old who is still having a great day and really doesn't care about what might be wrong with the well pump.

373.  You thank God for great weather to have a birthday camp out.

374.  You thank God for a five year old who may be more excited about her sister's birthday than the birthday girl.

375.  You thank God that, since you have had well work done in the past and you remember what that cost, you don't pass out and hit your head on the hardwood  floor when the well company tells you how much it will cost to repair!

376.  We were all having such a great time that there are very few pictures of the party.  We have some of Callie opening her presents from us at breakfast, but since her hair wasn't brushed and she was in her pajamas, we'll save those. :)

377.  Now we are thanking God that we have running water again!!

Inspired by Ann

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  1. That will be a birthday you'll all always remember :)
    Happy Birthday to Callie!!