Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Remember that summer theme of "unpredictable"?  I think that God really wants to deal with me and my illusions of control!  There was a last minute "glitch" and we ended up being home for Christmas.  This has never happened before and it was really strange.  But mostly good.  Since Cameron had been gone for four weeks, it was nice to be here, all together, just soaking up being with Baba.  We had him all to ourselves and if he ever had any doubts of our love and devotion, I'm sure those have been eradicated.  Kate wouldn't let him out of her sight and she was accused more than once of "hogging" him. :)  I warned him before he came home to brace himself!

Callie set up this "Barbie Nativity".  It totally cracks me up every time I walk by it.  I hope the Lord is laughing too and not getting ready a bolt of lightening.  You can see the full Christmas story by clicking here.

When Callie was about four or five and he had been gone, I remember her waiting outside the bathroom door anytime he was in there.  I think she did that for a few days.  That's how Kate was this time.

The girls kept saying "I can't believe we both got horses!"  They are very easy to please which makes it a joy to shop for them.

I hate reading fantasy so this was to Cameron and Callie from "Santa".  Callie will enjoy having some one on one time with Cameron!

Our only complaint was that it was not a white Christmas.  Kate thought Christmas equals snow, so we explained that it isn't always the case, it just had been the last few years.   We got that present today though and the girls wasted no time getting out there after breakfast to play in it!

After three attempts, I think I have finally made a quiche that we all can agree on the cheese to spinach to egg ratio!   We also had gluten free cinnamon rolls and donuts over the weekend.  The cinnamon rolls could use some tweaking, but with enough icing, they weren't too bad. LOL

It was a very memorable Christmas!

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  1. The bacon looks really superb, too! Real bacon!! Not turkey bacon, sigh.

    The nativity scene cracked me up, too. Callie is so creative.

    I'm sure Cameron has been more than pleased by the loving welcome home.

    So sorry about the "glitch"! But - hey, what a memorable Christmas it made it, right? :)