Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yarn Along

My local yarn store is having a sale and I was able to go.  ALONE.  I love it when my husband is home!  I got him a eggnog latte as a "Thank you."

I bought fingering weight yarn to make this beret for Callie and these handwarmers....probably for us to fight over. :)  I may have to go get some more yarn.  When those first became popular, I thought they were silly, but last year I borrowed her pair from Target a couple of times.  They do come in handy.

I've never knit with this kind of yarn before.  It and the needles are so tiny!

As for reading, I am finishing up the Chesterton book.  It also has readings for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  I had no idea until a few years ago that those days are after Christmas and not before.  I had never heard of Epiphany or Three Kings day either.  I would love to add that to our traditions, but it's hard to add to an already very full season.  I do love the idea of it though.

I also plan to start reading Putting Amazing Back Into Grace in earnest.  It is borrowed from our pastor and I need to return it.  I just got sidetracked with the holidays.

Joining in with Ginny today at Small Things.


  1. Ooh I love both of those projects. I was looking through the pattern book at Purl Soho and the girl told me that the fingerless gloves is a popular pattern for customers.

  2. Pretty color for two pretty projects. Love those handwarmers - they have such long arms which is a good thing - no snow near the wrists.

  3. I love those handwarmers! Even the color they have shown is gorgeous. Happy knitting!