Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Wanted to Be Productive, I Really Did

Last weekend, the girls and I went down to my parents house so that I could help my mom with a project.  Before we left, we told the girls to go rip off all of the bathroom wallpaper that they could reach. :)  We've been itching to do this for years.  Cameron ripped off all the rest while we were gone, but it's just the top layer, we have one more layer to go that we will spray and scrape.  I don't think it will be too hard, except that we can already see the poor drywall job underneath in certain spots.  Like holes and such.

The plan was to use the next Saturday which I had off and get all that off and maybe even start painting, but at least get it all off.  Wednesday, I started getting a cold.  Thursday, I thought I wanted to die.  Friday, I felt better and did most of the grocery shopping for two weeks and went to some friends house for dinner.  Saturday.....I didn't want to die exactly.  In fact, the cold symptoms weren't really that bad except I had NO energy.  And I didn't really want anything to eat.  Now you know I was ill!  I did put a chicken in the oven to roast and I did wash the girls sheets.  That was it!  Oh, and I took a shower.  BUT, not until AFTER Cameron came in, with me on the couch and still in my PAJAMAS (at a time that I will not disclose) with two other men to help move a TV! I have never been so horrified in my entire life!  I first made sure that he had his cell phone with him before I got too mad.  But he did.  And it was charged.  His punishment was to take the girls with him to Wal-mart to get the rest of the groceries and something to eat for themselves.  Hopefully, our male friends will have amnesia for this one day.  I told him if he brought me a nice, cold drink that I would never speak of it again.  I'm so easy!

So, no pretty yellow bathroom yet.

 On the up side, I have read quite a bit of my current read the last couple of days.  As Always, Julia:  The Letters of Julia Child & Avis Devoto.  This book has been very enjoyable.  They were prolific letter writers!  It makes me want to write letters to my friends.  You know, paper, envelopes, real mail?  Remember how much fun it use to be to go check the mail? {Thank you Granny and Poppy for a little fun now and then!}  Anyway, it's very interesting if you like to read about real people and food.  If you only like "on the edge of your seat" novels or mysteries or very serious literature, then you may not like it.  It is rather long and I'm sure at some point I may start skimming a bit.  Also, if you cannot tolerate the words "damn" and "hell" you don't want to read it.  They were very passionate about politics.  Thankfully, they were on the same side or I am sure they would have not been friends at all!  There are times when I'm reading that I feel a little guilty though.  These were their personal letters and I'm sure they would not have written some things if they had known that 50 years later they would be published for the whole world to see.  I read Julia's book,  My Life in France, several years ago and very much enjoyed it. 

Well, I hope your weekend was more productive than mine and even though I may sound whiny, I am quite thankful that a cold is all I have!

P.S. Yes, I know that all caps indicates yelling.  And no, I was not yellling, but when you are typing a story, there is just no other way to indicate the seriousness of a situation!


  1. That book sounds very interesting! I had the same feeling when I read C.S. Lewis's Letters, though. How would he feel about it? But, his brother, who he was so close with, was very involved in publishing the letters so he must have felt like it is what C.S. Lewis would have ultimately wanted.

    I'll have to remember that "As Always" book. For now, I'm reading Bleak House. How's that for peppy? :-)

  2. Sharron - the two men never mentioned a word about your pajamas. :) And - hey! I thought I got to help with the bathroom - no fair! I'm very happy to help - just let me know. And about C.S. Lewis - he actually helped his brother organize most of their father's letters and the old family letters. I'm pretty sure he knew Warnie was going to keep all of his letters as well. But there've been times I've been reading the first and second volumes and I've wondered if he forgot temporarily. :) Of course we didn't think you were yelling, Sharron - just very excited.