Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I came across an idea this weekend that has me totally motivated.

40 bags in 40 days

The idea is that, during Lent, which we have never really done anything for since we've never belonged to churches that emphasize that,  you go through your home and get rid of 40 bags worth of stuff.  Most would be donated and I imagine some things just thrown away.

I have never considered myself a pack rat and it seems like I take a bag or two to Goodwill or a local charity once every couple of months.  However, when we moved here, five years ago, we lost a garage, a small attic and quite a bit of closet space.  We also added a child two months after moving here.  Our rooms are fairly big, but there is very little storage. Stuff just seems to breed and there is no where to put it.

I found this idea at my favorite blog and was instantly excited about it.  I'm not sure if we will get as many bags since we are only a family of four, but whatever we get I know it will be helpful to us and to those to whom it will be donated.

I plan to get the girls very involved in this and to work in some lessons on contentment.  We could all use a little more contentment in various areas so I'm sure there will be good lessons for all four of us to learn.  I think encouraging the girls to pray for those who will receive the donated items will be good too.  I want this to be more about just cleaning out.  They are already talking about making room for new stuff and that is certainly not the point!

I'm pretty excited to get started.  I've made a list of our rooms and closets and noted which ones will take more than one day.  I'll be starting in the school/sewing room and just working my way through the house, room by room.

Wish me success!  If anyone decides to join in let me know.  It would be fun to compare notes and pictures.

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