Tuesday, March 20, 2012


When getting ready to go on a little road trip in a few days, what is the most important thing I could be doing?  Well of course, making a spring bag and curtains for the bathroom must be done right now!  Also, since Kate was with me at the fabric store spending my gift certificate from my wonderful parents, she saw some fabric too and needed a bag too.  And maybe a skirt. 

This is the book Sew What You Love by Tanya Whelan.  I'm pretty sure this one will make it on my shelves eventually.  It has several purse patterns, some home and gift items and the big plus is big girl and little girl clothes.  It seems like most books only have one or the other.  The purse pattern was easy and fun to sew.

Kate's skirt.  Her bag is from the same fabric and is loosely patterned after the Mama's Bag directions in Handmade Home by Amanda Soule.  Kate picked out the fabric and the type of bag she wanted.

Never mind that the summer clothes have to be dealt with immediately because of this crazy weather, and laundry must be done and birthday gifts wrapped and packed.  Never mind that the bathroom walls are an absolute mess and there haven't been curtains in there for 5 1/2 years. 

Now, you won't even notice those awful walls because the equally awful mini blinds (which I detest) are gone and there are pretty curtains now hanging in both windows.   An annoying electric toothbrush is now permanently off of the counter and a pretty plant has taken its place.  Ah......can't you just imagine how much better it looks?  I tried to get a picture, but the light would not cooperate.

Now, I have a pretty spring bag that the girls think is totally cool.  That's always nice for a mama's self esteem and Kate has a new skirt and bag.  Don't worry about Callie, she got a new spring bag at a thrift store this weekend.  You'll see her coming a mile away!