Friday, April 27, 2012

Every Day Moments

On any given day, if you came unannounced, this is most likely what you would find....

Lilly sleeping on her bed in the living room

Laundry waiting to be folded

Dishes waiting to be washed

Kate taking a bath.  That wooden spoon is a diving board if you couldn't tell

Callie doing her school work.  Why she's in the floor, I could not tell you.  Apparently, it's more comfortable than the chairs/tables and couches that are available. 

I remember, long ago when Cameron and I were DINKS (dual income, no kids), a dear friend of mine who had recently become a stay at home mom told me that it was actually harder to keep her house clean because they were there all day making messes.  I remember thinking to myself something along the lines of, "Yeah right".  Well, let me tell you.  Right now that laundry pile, after having three more loads added, has been folded and put away and the love seat is cleaned off.  That will change as soon as the dryer stops.  The sink and counter are clean, but that will change as soon as it's time to make lunch.  We live here.  All day.  Most days we eat three meals here that I cook.  We sew, we paint, we play.  That's a lot of living and a lot of mess making.  So, you're welcome to come by unannounced, just don't expect this.  Cameron was here alone that week. :)

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  1. Looks like a lived-in, loved-in, happy home to me. I'll come by any day!

    Love you!