Monday, April 23, 2012

Grateful For a Great Weekend

Friday morning, at 5:15 AM, Cameron and I left for Cincinnati to go to our very first home school convention.  We got there just a wee bit late due to a rush hour traffic jam.  We had a great time!  We were encouraged, we were challenged, we saw old friends, we talked and talked, we shopped just a little bit and we ate some yummy food (not at the convention center though!) and even though I was worn out and would normally fall asleep the minute we started driving home, we talked the whole way home on Saturday.

 Our hotel was free due to Cameron's traveling and earning points back in December and some wonderful friends kept the girls. 

If you are a home schooling parent, I highly recommend going to a conference.  I know that a lot of women go with other moms as a get away, but I am so thankful that Cameron and I went together.  It was so good to talk about what we were hearing and some times we would split up and hear different speakers.  There were plenty of talks that were geared to the fathers or interesting to both.  If I had gone without him, by the time I got home there would be no way I would remember everything as well and there wouldn't have been the alone and uninterrupted time like we had while we were there and on the way home. 

We are already looking forward to going again next year!

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