Monday, May 28, 2012

"I want to do it again and forever!"

Those were Kate's words on the way home from the Sleeping Beauty recital.  She loved it!  I was just a tad bit concerned about how she would do since she's been known to be just a wee bit clingy and a wee bit attached to her blankets.  I was pretty sure she would do fine performing, I just wasn't so sure about the sitting through the rest of it by herself in a dark auditorium.  She did fine though.  Although the first words out of her mouth after running up to Cameron were, "I wish I had blankie."

Callie danced beautifully, and she sat there in the dark auditorium like a good girl too! ;)  Each year the dances get a little more difficult and each dancer is a little more highlighted.  They worked really hard this year getting their steps and timing just right. 

It was a joy to watch them on stage and have some of our family join us. 

Callie is always so excited in the weeks leading up to the performance and then all of the sudden, it seems, it's over and ballet is over until the fall.  Then she is always kind of bummed and a little sad.  This year,  she is planning on going to the summer workshop, so she wasn't bummed for too long.

I took a lot more pictures but quite a few of them did not turn out very well.  The inside of the auditorium is so dark and with all the movement going on and the combination of my camera and my limited knowledge of how to change the settings produced quite a few not so great pictures.

Great job girls!!  It was a pleasure to see you so excited and do such a good job.


  1. Kate and Callie look beautiful!! I would have loved seeing their performance<3

  2. I have almost the exact same "Bad Fairy hypnotizing Sleeping Beauty" shot as you do! :-) It was all so fun and our girls were also a little down on Sunday since it was all over. They're already looking forward to the next one!