Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Praying For Our Husbands

I don't usually go into advice giving on this blog.  There are too many other blogs out there that do that sort of thing, written by much more experienced and wise women than I.  However, I am going to share this one bright idea that I think was an answer to prayer for me.

Surely, I am not the only wife out there who fails to remember to pray for her husband.  I don't mean the quick little "Please keep him safe" prayers, not that those aren't heart felt and important, but I mean really praying for them.

                                                             Coveting at a Christmas tree farm 2010

Several months ago, I was really ticked off at Cameron. :)  Now this really doesn't happen that often.  He is a gem of a husband!!  For some reason, which I now cannot even remember, I was really mad.  I was just "going off" to the Lord.  "What in the world is that man thinking?  I cannot believe...blah, blah, blah....."  Suddenly, the question popped into my head (Holy Spirit?) "Well have you ever thought to pray for the man?!"

Ouch!  I had to admit, that no, I really hadn't thought to pray for him in any significant way, with any consistency.  I'll admit that I'm terrible at remembering to consistently pray for anyone.  I will when things are going badly, or maybe some prayers of thanks giving for someone when things are going really well, but as far as daily remembering to pray for someone other than prayers of well being, I really stink.

                                                                           State fair 2011

Then I remembered these cell phones we have that have alarms that you can set!  I've never used that feature before but Cameron does whenever he has to get up earlier than normal.  So I grabbed my phone and set two alarms.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Sometimes, if things are really crazy, I'll just say a quick little prayer.  If I can, I'll go to my room and really pray.  If the girls are right there with me, sometimes we all pray.  It's really sweet to hear them pray for their Daddy to have a good day or whatever.

Last week, God answered one of those prayers and I made sure to thank him!  Cameron has been really frustrated with work lately and I had been praying for him to be encouraged.  He did something for his boss and his boss was very appreciative and even let his boss know too.  Cameron got a nice thank you from both of them and even a little token of their appreciation.  I made sure that the girls knew about this so they would know that God was listening and their prayers were important.

                                                                               More coveting :)
So, there is my advice for the day.  Use those fancy cell phones and encourage your husbands!


  1. What a great idea; thanks, Sharron! (That last picture is great of Callie, BTW!)

  2. That is a great reminder, Sharron, to pray for them. And I love your idea for putting it into action - so clever. Great encouragement for me.

    Colleen is right, too - that picture of Callie is so good!

    And the horse ain't bad either...;)