Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our First "Staycation"

Monday we went to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo.  We loved it!  Better than the Indianapolis Zoo in some ways.  The whole place has a very jungle-like feel too it.  Mulch paths and mist sprayers through out made an extremely hot day a little more bearable.  The animals homes were situated so that the animals were much easier to see in some cases also.

this lion had been asleep right up against the glass when he suddenly stood up

Tuesday was Kate's visit to the allergist for her first set of allergy drops.  That took awhile longer than I thought, but it went well.  I am now a proud carrier of an Epi-pen. :)  It's only a precaution for anyone receiving shots/drops.  Since we had that appointment in the middle of the day it was pretty much just a "get some things done around here" day.

Cameron and Kate picking collard greens

Wednesday my awesome husband took the girls away right after breakfast so that I could get some sewing and school planning done.  I mostly planned 1st and 7th grade.  I did a little sewing, but after making a really stupid, although fixable, mistake, I just stuck to school planning.  I got a lot done and it felt really good.

Thursday we surprised the girls with a trip to the Children's Museum.  Callie was pretty disappointed that the Barbie exhibit had been replaced by a Hot Wheels exhibit, but Kate said that was her favorite part.  I imagine that Callie has just about outgrown that place, but she was the one who had been wanting to go so badly.  The highlight for me was seeing these guys trying to dust the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture.  I guess I won't complain about dusting for awhile. :) 

Friday, Cameron and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  Some friends of ours kept the girls and Cameron and I went to the Cheesecake Factory.  We also picked up a couple of bookcases at a new antique store here in town. :)  He knows the way to my heart.  Cheesecake, a little shopping and he's letting his beard grown again. :)  What more could I want?

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