Sunday, July 22, 2012

This - Very Full - Week

We have crammed a whole lot of fun into the last seven days.

We finally had "The Cousin Sleepover!"  Callie has been planning this for months.  I think it is very sweet how much she loves her two "girl cousins", as they are called around here.  They are four years younger than Callie, but they are like best friends.  Of course, Kate loves them too.

Kate had swimming lessons.  On Monday, there was lots of crying when it was time to jump off the diving board.  Today, she was jumping of her own free will and sad that lessons were over.  If only they lasted for three weeks, she might make a little more progress.  It takes her a week and half to get comfortable!

Callie turned in her 4H projects and received a blue ribbon for both.  Go Callie!  She did photography and miscellaneous crafts this year.  This was her second year doing photography, third year in 4H.  I think she was hoping for an honors ribbon this year and was a little disappointed.  She did a great job though on her poster and we took a little extra time looking at the ones that did get honors ribbons to see how she could maybe improve next year.

Saturday, Cameron and I went to a wedding that has been long anticipated and prayed for.  It was very beautiful.  Good friend's of ours kept the girls so they had fun there and we got a date!

Today we had friend over for dinner after church and had great conversation, food and fun.

Sorry, no pictures.  Too busy planning next weeks fun.  Cameron is off all week and we are having our very first "Staycation".  Let the fun begin!!

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