Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And the Trees Came Tumbling Down

Remember this?  It was quite obvious that the rest of those trees were going to have to come down.

Some brave, kind souls said, "We can do that!" so Saturday, that's what they and Cameron and few little helpers did.

The first big section came down fairly easy.

So they prepared to take down the rest of it.  Putting a rope around it to pull away from the cornfield if possible.

A notch was cut.

Pressure was put on the rope.


Wedge whacking....

More whacking......

More cutting......

More whacking.....

This sucker did not want to fall!!

Finally, they climbed up, sawed off the other large branch, then went at the large trunk bit by bit.  The wedges are still stuck in there!

It started raining so the second tree they didn't even try to main trunk and just did the "smaller" section.  It's an amazing thing to see something that large fall over.  Kind of strange to watch.

All of this was done just in time.  The next day brought crazy strong winds that actually blew down the part of the play set that had not been moved.  It may have irreparable damage.  We'll see.

All of the above limb was cut up into big chunks and then the rain really started coming down.  You can just imagine what our yard looks like!  That's okay.  We'll get it cleaned up, we'll have a few bonfires and hopefully get a whole lot of free mulch.  There are still other things to repair from that storm in August, but this was the most pressing since we get some pretty fierce winds out here and I'm sure the rest of those trees would not have held up during the winter.

Thank you to those who worked so hard to help!!!  And thanks be to God for keeping everyone safe!!

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  1. Wow!, amazing! We noticed it on our way to church! Glad you all stayed safe.