Sunday, October 14, 2012

"But What About Prom?"

I will admit, back in the day when Cameron was the one who wanted to home school and I thought he was crazy, this was one of my concerns.  Now, I laugh and cringe at the same time when I think about how silly that was.  Do I really want my daughter going to a dance and doing what most school kids do on that night?!  NO!

Fast forward about ten years.......We have found ourselves in a community of believers who enjoy celebrating in ways I had never heard of.

 The little guy is a friend of ours who was here while we were getting ready.  He loves Kate!

For the past few years we have attended a Scottish Ball and it is looked forward to the whole year. 

 What is a Scottish Ball?  Well, it is an event where we get all dressed up, some in formal attire, others in our best church clothes.  I even knew a man who wore a Confederate soldier reenactment uniform one year. I actually know him really well. ;)  Last year I made Callie a dress, but this year we hit Goodwill and Once Upon a Child.  Callie's dress was less than $4.00!

We dance traditional dances like the Virginia Reel, the Broom Dance and I don't know what the other names are, but think Pride and Prejudice.  It might seem silly to some, but it is really so much fun.  There is a live band and a "caller" who helps us out, and tells us what to do.  Maybe some day they can just play the music and we'll all look like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, instead of like someone who only does this once a year and forgets which way is right and left.  I'm only speaking of myself here!  What's really fun is when you are dancing with your six year old little girl and you forget if you are suppose to be dancing the Gentlemen part or the Lady part.

One of the great things about this dance is that it is a family event.  Adults and children, whole families, come and dance the night away and have a wonderful time. 

Callie was a bit sad Saturday morning because now, "There is nothing to look forward to."  She said the same thing after the ballet recital in May.  Oh the misery!


  1. Fabulous pictures! The girls ( and you,too!) looked great!