Saturday, December 1, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of Advent.

For years, I would want to do something, but usually didn't really know what or wouldn't realize the exact date to begin until it was "too late".  For the last several years though, we have made this tradition part of our celebration.

 If this is something that you have always wanted to do and like me, felt it was "too late" for the current year, don't be discouraged!  If your children are younger, they aren't going to know if your starting late or not, and if they are older, they aren't going to care!  If they do, just ignore them! LOL  In our house, it's Mom that get's hung up on the details having to be just so and can let a good thing get away.

This year, I'm doing things a little differently.  I'm sort of combining two different ideas.  For three or four years we have done a wreath with a different tag for each day with the number on one side and an activity written on the back.  I got the idea here.  This year, I wanted to do something different as far as how it looked.  I also wanted to use Ann Voskamp's Advent devotional and Jesse Tree ornaments.  Then, I saw this idea.  I decided to sort of combine the ideas all into one thing.

I cut out circles with the number on them and threaded them onto some leftover yarn from my first knitting project that just happened to be red. :)  Then I printed out the Ann Voskamp devotional and cut out those ornaments.  Instead of hanging them on a tree we will tape one each day on top of the number for that day.  The activities will be (still have to do that part!) written on the back.   I was also planning on using these little snow men clothes pins that I bought last year, but I think they are going to be too heavy.  We'll just use the tape.  It's nothing fancy and it took very little time, but I'm happy about combining the two activities together.

The activities are as simple as "watch Charlie Brown Christmas tonight" or maybe "go see Christmas lights".  Things we would do anyway, but this way they don't get forgotten and we have a plan.

I love a plan!


  1. We love the Jesse Tree devotional, too! For our Advent activities, I have cards with the activites on them (for the most part, I have used the same cards for years), but I don't put them on the calendar until the day of. That way, I can decide last-minute if we need to do a quick activity (e.g. have a cup of hot chocolate) or something more involved (decorate gingerbread house).

  2. Great job!! And good encouragement, too. :)

  3. Advent always sneaks up on me. I never get to do all I want to! This is such a cute idea too!