Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting The Tree

I downloaded the pictures as soon as we got back and then totally forgot about them!

Last year, since Cameron was only home two weekends in December, we didn't go to our usual place to get a tree.  We went to Lowe's and set up the tree in record time so he could leave again.

It was nice to go to our local tree farm again this year.

This year, we had a visitor with us.  This picture was taken right after they had tipped the cart backwards!

They were begging us to get this tree. 

It was so warm, we didn't even need our jackets.  Very strange.  We usually are all bundled up and a few times we have walked through snow covered fields to get our tree.

The best part this year were the slides.  There was a smallish one in the barn and then there was this....

Oh my goodness!  It was so much fun.  We all went down, the kids multiple times.  You should have heard the whining when we said it was time to go.  All of the sudden, you would have thought that they had had the most miserable day ever!  Suddenly, Kate had a splinter and was crying and Jared was just plain ticked that it was time to go.  They were so pathetic that I actually had a hard time not laughing!

Hopefully we can go back again this year just for some fun.

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