Thursday, December 20, 2012

*December Moments*

I've had several different posts running in my head over the last couple of weeks, but no time to complete them.  We have had a full Advent season here full of lots of celebrating and reading our favorite Christmas books.  There is more celebrating to come as we head south.  Tonight, here in Indiana, the wind is howling like mad.  It was snowing (Yippee), but now I think it's might be sleeting (Boo).  Thankfully, the weather is suppose to be cold, but Sunny when we are suppose to leave to drive south.  When I checked the forecast for Mississippi, I realized I'm going to have to get into the short sleeves!  There will be no surprise snow this year.  It will feel good and we will be able to go to the park to get the wiggles out of someone!

UPDATED:  I rechecked the weather forecast, looks like its not going to be quite that warm where we will be since there is also rain in the forecast, but compared to here today, it will be balmy!  
Christmas for the animals.  We were suppose to make dog treats too, but that didn't happen.  Maybe when we get back.

Probably my favorite decoration.  My father cut these out, my youngest sister painted them and they gave them to my Mamaw one year for Christmas.  I don't know why, but I got them after she died.  There are several sheep, a camel, angel, even a palm tree.  I love them.

Our special dinner before we head south.  Notice that awesome red pot.  A birthday gift from Cameron.  He has "permission" to buy me that kind of stuff as long as he knows I want it.  No vacuum cleaners though. ;)

My newest find at the antique mall.  $12.00!!  It's not old and it wasn't made in Germany, but I love it!  I'm not even sure what you call them, but I've wanted one for a long time.  There are three levels of figures from the Nativity story.  It's so beautiful when all lit up.

Gotcha Day!! 

See what I mean.  Full!  In a good way!  I'm so thankful for this season of celebrating.  There is the obvious gratitude for the birth of our Savior, but also, it makes cold, grey skies not so dreary.


  1. Pretty Christmas decorations! My favorite is the picture of Kate, though. The girls are looking at them with me and Isabella just said, "Look, there are 3 Kate Cox-es!" :)

  2. Merry Christmas!! I have always wanted one of those German things (I can't remember what they are called, lol). They were everywhere in Germany this time of year!