Saturday, January 26, 2013


We've done quite a bit of rearranging since Christmas.

Originally, it was to be able to have the Christmas tree where we wanted it, but it opened up the room so much I wanted to keep it that way.  The TV is a little awkward, but we are trying to keep that activity to a minimum anyway.

The other project has been on someone's mind for a while now, but the grown ups in the house had to be talked into it.  Once I was convinced that giving the girls their own room wouldn't ruin their relationship for life, I was excited about the idea.  It looks great and it is really so much better for the way they play together and separately.  And Kate is a very neat little girl!  Who knew?

don't even think about rearranging these things or laying laundry on there to be put away!

There is no wall at the top of the steps.  At some point I am sure we will add one, but for now I like the open feeling that the room has.  I also love having an out of the way place to hang these quilts that Cameron's grandmother made.  The girls use them to sleep with sometimes and then when not in use we hang them on the stair rail.

I have no idea why these pictures are fuzzy.  I probably should have let Callie take them!

Callie's room still needs a little tweaking.  We will take pictures of her room when it's all ready.

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