Friday, February 1, 2013

A Week in the Life

My life may not be exciting, but it is never boring!  I've said before, "I haven't been bored since the day Callie was born!"

This week we started out having our friend Jared for the day.  We built forts, I negotiated peace treaties over the riding toy and there was a wild road race on the Wii.  I even let them play in the rain for a bit.  The day ended with Kate's ballet class and chocolate chip pancakes for supper.  Maybe some of the best gluten free ones that I have made so far.

Tuesday, we took off early for downtown Indianapolis.  My dad had an appointment there that was going to take quite a bit of time and he wanted us to come hang out with my mom.  Now that was an education in itself!  I had never been to the VA hospital before.  Cameron warned me about the parking and what it was like (he has to go there a lot for work) inside, but wow!  That place was packed with people.  Mostly older couples and and older men.  Kate thought it was an adventure and the girls did great being patient and walking for EVER since we had to park in outer Mongolia. 

From the VA, we drove to the library, picked up a couple of books and videos, and then went on to a friends house for a short visit that had already been planned.  It was such a contrast to the previous four hours!  Her beautiful home, a pot of tea and some cookies.  I wish I could have taken my mom there.

Then home to supper and Callie had ballet.  I cheated this night and good friends of ours gave her a ride.  So Kate and I watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie and I got her to bed a tiny bit early.  She had already fallen asleep in the car once, so I knew she was worn out.

Wednesday would be considered by many to be boring.  We didn't go anywhere until ballet in the evening.  We did dishes, laundry, school, etc.  Kate is in first grade and is learning to read.  She has been a little bit reluctant in this department.  Art, recess and lunch are her favorites. :)  Until Wednesday.  She read me her "required" reading and never got "tired" and then she read almost all of Ten Apples Up on Top!  Do you know how long that book is?  Yes, there are only four lines on each page, but there's like 1000, I mean 70 pages!  I'm telling you, that was pretty exciting.  She was excited!

Today we had to run some errands in the sub arctic temperatures.  The only redeeming thing was the snow pouring down sometimes which made it very pretty.  Oh, and the girls rode in the car together for two hours without one disagreement.  Of course, I had bribed them with a snack from a drive through, but who cares?  They did it!  Oh, and Kate wanted to bring her books to read!!

Now the highlight of the week will be tomorrow.  Or today if I don't get this published in the next 21 minutes. 

Lord willing we will be picking up Cameron from the airport in the early evening!!!!!  Do you hear angels singing? He has been gone since January 6 for a work assignment.  I'm sure you've heard whining in the distance, not knowing where it was coming from.  Cameron didn't want me to mention it on-line so all those big, bad boogie men wouldn't be tempted to come and bother us.  I didn't whine too much.  Just a little.  Like when we saw the mouse in the kitchen.  I went to the bedroom and cried for a couple of minutes before I pulled it together and caught that sucker with a Red Solo Cup!  I bet Toby Keith didn't think of that did he?!

See?  How could I possibly be bored?

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