Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Yarn Along}

A couple of weeks ago Kate and I were reading The Mitten by Jan Brett.  It's such a fun story and anything by Jan Brett makes me smile because the illustrations are so wonderful!

I was thinking while I was reading that I had some left over chunky yarn from the football hats and that maybe I could knit a big mitten to go with all of the plastic animals that the girls have accumulated over the years.  I thought maybe Kate would have fun playing out the story.  I asked her (no sense trying if she wasn't interested) and she liked the idea.

Well, I couldn't figure out the thumb, so I just kept knitting until I got this.  For play I figured it was close enough.  Kate wished there was a thumb and I explained that she could have it to play with that day, or she could wait until I could get some help with the thumb.....I finished it that day. :)

I don't know how much she will play with it, but I know she has a little bit already.  It might make a good road trip toy.  We'll see.

I'm almost finished with An Everlasting Meal and I picked up this stack at the library this week. :)  We shall see what come of these.  There are some really cute dresses that I would love to make for Callie and the Reinvention book has some great ideas too.

 And I may read this to help me along with the next few weeks.  I bought it years ago at Goodwill and have never opened it.  I need some motivation!

I'm looking forward to visiting Ginny to see what others are knitting.

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  1. Oh the little mitten for the toys is a great idea!! And the sugar busters book looks good. Let me know how it goes!